Friday, February 11, 2005

Pinkcocoa is back with something cute, chubby and blue!

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♥ Piggy Blue with his tub of candy
Hiya. Pinkcocoa is back in Sydney after a short holiday in Gold Coast. We definitely feel a little more refreshed and energetic after the holiday. And yes, we came back with rather tanned skin. Something that I dreaded about but heck, I guess I will just have to shove on extra whitening cream now.

It's been only a day since we came back and we are already missing the fresh air and fresh fruits & food over there. Has anyone noticed how polluted the air in Sydney is these days? After a few day breathing fresh clean air, I found my sense of smell is more sensitive than ever. I noticed pungent odour never noticed before.

Anyhow, I am back with a cute chubby blue thing. It's a handcrafted blue piggy soft-toy which I named Blue. Here you are seeing Blue enjoying his tub of candy while on the way home. Blue was mistaken as a koala admist the dark by an old Japanese gentleman. He called Blue "koala-chan" and we all cracked up!

I am still sorting my pictures. So be patient until I load up pics about my CNY dinners. :)