Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A Romantic Valentine's: A Pink Rose for Pinkcocoa

♥ tabeshimashita @ pinkcocoa's cosy home on 14th Feb 2005
Pink Rose Cake from Sweet Belem
♥ Pink Rose Cake A$37.50
A pink chocolate cake for Pinkcocoa and in the form of a rose too. How perfect for Valentine's! I have to thank AugustusGloop for this one. I dropped very very heavy hints to ShinChan the second I finished seeing a pink cake for Pinkcocoa at Grab Your Fork. So we headed to Sweet Belem right after the Chinese New Year Parade (post coming up shortly for both Sweet Belem and CNY Parade).

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♥ So pinkish!
We can't really tell from the look of the pink cake, what sort of cake is hiding under the pink chocolate. We could have asked the shop what sort of cake it was but we decided not to. Just to keep the whole thing mysterious and hoping for surprises! We did catch a glimpse of a dark chocolatey bits hiding underneath. Our guess was it was probably a chocolate mudcake.

The cake was a little hard to cut up. The pink chocolate bits were broken into pieces. I had yummy fun cleaning up all the pieces. ;-)

A Slice of PinkRose Cake
♥ Pink Chocolate Coated Mud Cake
It was indeed a chocoalte mudcake. Just look at the layers of pink chocolate on the mudcake! Imagine how much time and energy was put into creating this elegant cake. Though The mudcake was not too sweet, it was very thick and dense. The pink chocolate has a hint of strawberry in it. It was quite sweet when compared to the mudcake.

My tummy was bursting after going through half of this slice! We reckon this cake can feed up to 10 because you only need a tiny pieces to satisfy your sweet chocoholic tooth. Great for celebration!

Sweet Belem Cake Boutique
35B & 35C New Canterbury Road
Petersham NSW 2049
tel. +61 2 9572 6685