Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Music in My Kitchen

I just came back from my short holiday to find an enormous development in the foodblogging community. Ok. I am exaggerating here but for one, there is My Restaurant Rules Blog set up while I was away. (AG and BHR are so secretive!! :p)

Then I am witnessing some musical development in kitchens around the world: see here, here, here and here. And then I found myself being tagged here at PhotoSydney. BHR reckons I am too nice to complain. I am, of course, a nice person *blush* so I shall not complained but ah-hem...BHR, you know what to do at yumcha, don't you? ;-)

I don't actually listen to English music that much. I am really more comfortable with Chinese (Mandarin) songs. You will find you have not seen or listened to most of the songs listed below.

So here goes music in Pinkcocoa's kitchen:

♥ What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
Does music videos count too?
- 600mb of mp3 on local drive.
- 25GB of mp3 shared across the network with ShinChan.

♥ The CD you last bought?
Er...this one is hard. Haven't bought one in ages. I usually buy more than 1 CD when the time comes for me to update my CD collection. This is probably only once a year or even less if I don't head home to Taiwan for CDs at bargain price.
I guess I will just pick my favourite from my last bulk purchase:
JS - Rendezvous with the Future
:: JS - Yu Jian Wei Lai
(Justin + Sophia - Rendezvous with the Future).

A brother and singer group. Justin composes the songs and Sophia sings. This is their second album. Their first being released about 6 years ago and was known as Go Go Me Me (the pronunciation refers to older brother and younger sister) back then. In between the long 6 years gap, Justin has written and composed many popular pop songs for many Taiwanese artist.

♥ What was the song you last listened to before reading this message?
Jasmine Leong - Swallowtail Butterfly
:: Jasmine Leong - Ning Xia
Jasmine Leong (or Fish Leong as she was once known) is a talented singer from Malaysia who makes it big in Taiwan. Ning Xia refers to city in China but in essence, the title also refers to a tranquille summer - ning jing de xia tian.

♥ Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you
Jolin Tsai - Watch Me 72 Changes
:: Jolin Tsai - Shuo Ai Wo (Say Love Me)
Jolin Tsai (Cai Yi Ling) is a Taiwanese artist who rekindle her popularity in 2003 with the hit album from Sony - Jolin Magic: Kan Wo 72 Bian (Behold my ever-changing self in 72 ways).

I just love the tune of this song. On top of that, this is the only song I remember from the top of my head.

Jay Chou - Ye Hui Mei
:: Jay Chou - Ni Ting De Dao (You can hear it)
:: Jay Chou - Qing Tian (Sunny Day)
Jay Chou, also a Taiwanese artist popular for his R&B style songs. He is one talented dude who not only writes his own songs but has also written many of the popular pop songs for other artists.

I really like the music video of Ni Ting De Dao, particularly the miniature merry-go-round model at the end. As for Qing Tian, I like the rhythm and tune. It's slow and kinda romantic.

Stefanie Sun - The Moment
:: Stefanie Sun - Yu Jian (Rendezvous)
Stefanie Sun, a very popular Singaporean artist who made her first hit debut in Taiwan. Her charisma and her bright smile are instant boys killer! Her singing style is very distinctive and this is probably why I like her songs.

Yu Jian is featured in the HK/Taiwanese movie "Turn Left, Turn Right" (xiang zuo zou, xiang you zou) based on a picture book with the same title in Chinese (English title: Separate Ways) by Taiwanese artist Jimmy Liao. It stars Takeshi Kaneshiro of The House of Flying Daggers and Gigi Leong. Yu Jian has a soft tranquille tune with eloquent lyrics.

George Winston's December
:: JohannPachalbel - Canon in D
I first listened to this in George Winston's December and immediately fell in love with it. Pachelbel's Canon become highly popular in Asia right after the release of the funny Korean movie: Yupgi Girl or better known as My Sassy Girl. This tune is an all time favourite to me. When I am sad, I listen to it. When I am happy, I listen to it.

♥ Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?
:: Renee from Shiokadelicious
We both grew up in the same country (Brunei). Would be nice to get to know her even better especially now that she's a star on the Straits Times: see here!
see Renee's music meme

:: fishfish from Kuishinbow~Meow~
Both of us are from the same island (Borneo) with rather similar background (we are both Chinese). Both of us like Takeshi Kaneshiro. I wonder if we have similar taste in music. She's also probably the only few here who knows the music in my kitchen.

:: Dennis and Pam from Asian Vegan
Just being nosy and all that, I would love to know the type of music this adorable couple is into and maybe the music they are considering of using in their soon to open restaurant.