Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pinkcocoa and the Giant Peach !?

Gigantic Peaches
♥ The Giant Peach
Remember the gigantic peach I bought at Pyrmont Growers Market? Here's a picture of one giant peach. Isn't it cute and pretty with its beautiful redish orangy yellowish colour?

I know I have promised to do a comparison of the giant sizes of this peach. I am sorry it's a little late and I have forgotten to place either my thumb or coin in the pic so you know roughly how gigantic the peaches are. They were all gone before I even remember to do a proper comparison. Anyhow, the peaches are really gigantic. I did compare it with its smaller siblings. So yup, the peaches are just giant.

The tray of peaches we bought was producing this intensive level of sweet citrus peachy fragrant in our tiny apartment. The aroma was very strong, so strong that on entering our apartment, you are greeted with the nice sweet peachy aroma.

Giant Peach vs Large Peach
♥ Giant Peach vs XL Peach
It's a little hard to judge the size of the giant peach unless there is some comparison. So here's a smaller peach. Note that this smaller size peach is in fact extra-large peach. We actually bought the large peach from the same orchard stall except that the extra-large peach was bought 2 weeks before the Pyrmont Growers Market from the Northside Produce Market.

S-M-L Peaches
♥ 3 sizes of peaches: S, M, L!?
You must be wondering why we are calling the smaller peach extra large because it in fact looked rather small. So here I included the large peach commonly seen at suburban fruit markets. I was going to compare the peach sizes with the normal size peach or nectarine but we had already finished eating our large bag of normal size nectarine. So you will just need to use your imagination!

L-Peach M-Peach S-Peaches
♥ A row of sweet aromatic peaches
The size difference isn't that obvious from the last photo. It's so much more obvious when arranged like this.

A row of Fragmatic Peaches
♥ The Peach Family
I just love this pic! It's like a sweet little peach family there: Papa peach, Mama Peach and Kiddie Peach. Note: missing in the photo is baby peach....