Friday, March 11, 2005

Pyrmont Growers Market - March

Pyrmont Growers market
♥ Pyrmont Growers Market
If you have been following AugustusGloop's post, you would know that I was at the Pyrmont Growers Market last saturday.

♥ tabeshimashita @ Pyrmont Growers Market on 05 Mar 2005
The Pyrmont Growers Marketis held every first saturday of the month, except January. We missed out on the first market for 2005 in February so I had to make sure we didn't miss the second one. We woke up super early that morning (7am on a saturday morning! geez*) and arrived at around 8.15am.

Now you ask, why go so early since the market is opened til 11am? Well, experience had told us that if we don't go early, many of the yummo would be gone. That's why the early wake. It's a little painful having to wake up this early even for weekend but heck! It's foodie's heaven we are heading towards. So no complains at all. ;-)

The market is really a foodie's heaven where you can grab fresh produces like fresh fruits and even seafood and meat at a bargain price! So it's not a surprise that I bumped into AugustusGloop (with her La Tartine Fruit Loaf) there. And later found out, R was there too! We should had a tiny foodie get-together there if we had known everyone would be there.

Anyhow I will let the photos do the talking.

beets and roots veggies
♥ Beets and Rhubarbs

♥ Greens greens greens!
Clockwise from bottom-left:
- green leafy veggie
- limes
- grapes
- green figs
- dark figs

ps. I bought a punnet of figs (7 large ones) for A$6

Pastabilities Ravioli
♥ Pastabilities Ravioli
There were just too many tasting involved at the market. This particular one is butternut pumpkin ravioli from Pastabilities. It's been shallow-fried so it tasted really crunchy. It makes really yummy party snacks!

♥ Salmon
We had to keep a faster pace the next time we go to the market. We were browsing really slowly, taking everything easy. And what happened? The salmon sausages (not in pic because it's all gone) were sold out just 10 minutes before we got to this stall! *yikes*

Fresh Pistachio
♥ Fresh Pistachio
This was probably the most interesting stall we found. They were selling fresh pistachio fruits!

Branches of Fresh Pistachio
♥ Branches of fresh pistachio fruits
I have never seen fresh pistachio fruits before in my life. I feel like a kampung (village) girl, er..maybe a city girl since I always thought pistachio was always dried and hard and roasted! Never have I seen it fresh before and I thought it grew underground like peanuts! Shame! Shame! shame on pinkcocoa. *blush*

Inside Fresh Pistachio Fruits
♥ Fresh Pistachio Fruits
There was of course tasting involved! The pinkish skin of the fruit was soft and easy to peel off, revealing the common form of pistachio inside.

Fresh Pistachio Kernel
♥ Fresh Pistachio Kernels
Once the hard shell (is this how you called that hard bit covering the kernel?) was removed, we got fresh pistachio kernel! I really like the greenish pinkish colour of the fruits. I never realise pistachio is pinkish. I always thought it's super green in nature.

The greener side of the market
♥ Other part of the market
After about an hour of browsing and stuffing outselves with tasting, we still manage to find room for breakfast!

Chocolate Hazelnut Brioche
♥ Chocolate Hazelnut Brioche A$3
I enjoyed the brioche with a large mug of hot chocolate! I like the brioche but found the hot chocolate rather bland without much chocolate flavour.

Cinnamon Twirl
♥ Cinnamon Twirl A$3
ShinChan had the cinnamon twirl with a glass of blood orange juice from Parker's.

Giant Peach
♥ Giant Peaches A$15 for a box
We couldn't resist but bought a large box of giant peaches (16 in a box). Why do we call this Giant? Because these peaches are really gigantic. I will be posting up a comparison photo soon so you know how gigantic these peaches are!

♥ Other stuff we bought
(sorry no pics. Too busy tasting to take pics)
* 1kg free range chicken drumsticks A$4
* 1kg free range chicken thighs A$10
* 1kg games fowl A$10
* 1 pack of Peppe's Smoke Salmon Ravioli A$8
* 1 jar of Peppe's Basil Pesto A$5
* 1 punnet of large fresh figs A$6

We really love the smell of the free range chicken. It smells so fresh and so much like the chicken I had back home in Brunei when I was a little girl. We used to breed our own chicken so we always had the freshest chicken at home. And the price is just unbeatable!

Pyrmont Growers Market
7am - 11am
every first saturday of the month (except January)
Pyrmont Bay Park opposite Star Casino