Friday, March 25, 2005

Hot Cross Bun on Good Friday

Hot Cross Bun
So I have just learnt that hot cross bun is traditionally eaten on Good Friday and during the Lenten period. From what I understand, the Lenten period is the days preceding the Christian holy day of Easter ie. the day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and you have to give up something you like (ie. fasting) from the day the Lenten period starts - Ash Wednesday.

Shamed to say, I don't really know much about Easter tradition even though I had spent several years studying in a Christian school. I still have a faint memory that the school would hold a service on Ash Wednesday. And one by one, we would go up to the front to receive blessing (?) and the bread which is really a small round piece of rice paper. We simply put it onto our tongue and gently let the rice paper dissolved away.

Then comes my first memory of hot cross bun being offered toasted and spread thickly with butter by my homestay. I never really fancy anything with dried fruits inside until the day I had my first hot cross bun. I was transformed and ever since then I like raisins and sultanas in my bread. Of course, I had no idea what the significance of hot cross bun until er, recently. *blush*

Anyhow, we haven't had any hot cross bun this year yet and I had to rush to the shopping centre just before they closed last night to grab some hot cross bun to enjoy on Good Friday.

♥ tabeshimashita @ home on 25 Mar 2005 - good friday!
Bakers Delight
♥ Bakers Delight
I had wanted to get the more gourmet type of hot cross bun. But seriously, just any hot cross bun would do me fine especially when it's last minute shopping. So I headed to Bakers Delight which offers 4 types of hot cross buns: the normal spiced and fruit-filled hot cross bun, the plain hot cross bun with no fruits inside, choc cross buns with choc chip and something new this year called choc-coconut-cherry cross bun.

Hot Cross Bun
♥ Traditional Hot Cross Bun
I had wanted to try the choc-coconut-cherry cross bun. It sounds so divine but the Bakers Delight I visited didn't have them so I opted for the traditional hot cross bun instead.

Hot cross bun is simply a spiced bun full of wholesome sultanas. I believe there is also a version that is just full of other wholesome dried fruits. The cross on top of the bun is a symbol of Christ or a symbol of the Crucifixion.

Inside Hot Cross Bun
♥ Fruit-filled Hot Cross Bun
This hot cross bun is filled with quite a lot of sultanas, just the way I like it. The more the better! :p

Choc Cross Bun
♥ Choc Cross Bun
Of course being a chocoholic, how could I not get the choc cross bun! It is just a normal bun with choc chip inside. Or should I say, with chocoloate chips all over. Oh and the cross is made of chocolate too instead of custard on the traditional hot cross bun. *yum*

Inside Choc Cross Bun
♥ So full of Chocolate Chips
And this bun is just so full of chocolate chips, inside and outside, left and right, top and bottom! It's just so good to be able to start the day by digging into chocolate. Just if you would really like to know, I had the choc cross bun with hot chocolate! :-D *yum*

Happy Easter, people!!
I shall post about chocolate eggs soon. *cheers*