Friday, April 01, 2005

Napoli in Bocca, Haberfield

Oh dear. It's really been a long long time since I have included a post on eating out in Sydney. It seems that Pinkcocoa has followed the trend of having more homecooked food than eating out. I guess with eating in, it not only saves my expanding figure but also my shrinking wallet if we eat out. :p

However it is obvious that when one has too much of the same thing or does too much of the same thing, one gets bored and sick of it. Exactly what happened to me. Got sick and wary of turning into a huang lian puo: literary yellow faced lady which takes to mean a woman who minds the house and eventually loses interest in her appearance, letting her image looks dull and er, unsightedly.

Napoli di Bocca - Rucola e Prosciutto Margheritta Pizza
♥ Rucola e Prosciutto Pizza
It so happened we had a craving for pizza. Where did we go? Haberfield, of course! Yes we drove all the way to Haberfield just for pizza with bonus of picking up some yummy gelato later. ;-)

♥ Tabeshimashita @ Napoli in Bocca on 29 Mar 2005
We were in fact heading to La Disfida only to find that it has closed. It was our second time to Haberfield, so we decided to walk around and see what Italian goodies the suburb has to offer us. To our delight, we found Napoli in Bocca just off the main road. It's been sitting high in my to-eat list for a long while now. I totally forgot it's also in Haberfield. It also has a branch in Leichhardt.

Woohoo~ We could still get our pizza craving fixed!

The restaurant has a very homey atmosphere. The gentleman who served us was rather hilarious and made me laughed a few times. It's such a comfy and relaxing place to dine in. We can talk and laugh as loud as we want to.

Napoli di Bocca - Out From Oven
♥ Pipping hot from wood fire oven!
So we decided to order 2 pizza and a salad to share between the three of us. We were lucky to have a table next to their terracotta wood fire oven and ShinChan was put on a mission to photograph our pizza when it came pipping hot out from the oven. Of course we received permission from the pizza man.

There they were, our pizza. Actually one calzone (left) and one pizza (right). Look at how high our calzone has puffed up.

Napoli di Bocca - Cutting Calzone
Calzone getting cut up
The calzone (pronounced cal-zo-ne) was cut into 4 portions. Yes, you are seeing the very handsome pizza man at work there. Er, I mean seeing his arms.

So I guess you might like to meet the charming pizza man?

Napoli di Bocca - Drizzling Olive Oil over Calzone
♥ Pizza man at work!
Ta daa~ Here he is, displaying the art of olive oil drizzling. Our very dear and charming pizza man turned into a celebrity right after this photo was taken. A few of the waitpersons went up and tried to get his signature! There was even a few claps and bows!

Now you see what I mean by a homey restaurant! And funny too.

Napoli di Bocca - Dig In
Rucola e Prosciutto Pizza A$17
We ordered the special pizza: Rucola e Prosciutto(rocket and prosciutto) Pizza with a margherita base. You can pick any sort of base you want for the pizza. We simply asked the waitperson to recommend a base for us.

The pizza is somewhere between the thick crust and the crispy thin. The base is rather soft and is rich with tomato sauce and mozarella cheese. Yup, you get that pulling stringy cheese effect when you tried to grab a slice of pizza. We did found the pizza a little on the wet side, probably from the olive oil and the very generous amount of tomato sauce and cheese on top.

I really like this pizza because of the amount of cheese on it and also because of the simplicity to the pizza. Not many appreciate the more classic Italian pizza like I do. For eg, our dining companion (ShinChan's little brother, D) did a few complain.

While looking at the menu
D: Hey, where's the meat on the menu?
ShinChan & Pinkcocoa: er......

When food arrived:
D: hey, why is there no meat on the pizza?
ShinChan & Pinkcocoa: There. There. The prosciutto is Italian ham mah. Also considered meat.
D: Geez. There is so little meat,
ShinChan & Pinkcocoa: Well, this is the more classic type
D: little meat!

D was probably thinking something like pizza hut or domino. Can't blame him though. He's still young. ;-)

Napoli di Bocca - Calzone
♥ Calzone
What's a calzone? From what I understand, it is simply a pizza folded over. The calzone here has a filling of tomato, mozzarella, olives & mushroom, olives, anchovies & capsicum. It has a very soft crust that is topped or perhaps I can even say drenched with lots and lots of tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. *yum* I always thought calzone has a rather crunchy (ie hard) crust from my experience in pizza hut and other places.

He! I would love to bring this to lunch. Yup, the whole thing. :) I am thinking the calzone makes a good picnic yummy.

Napoli di Bocca - Caprese Salad
♥ Caprese Salad
We had also ordered a caprese salad which is a salad of tomato, bocconcini cheese, basil and olive oil. It is a very simple yet delicious that can be easily duplicated at home.

Our salad came very late. In fact, we had to remind the restaurant that they had forgotten our salad. The salad arrived shortly soon with plenty of apologies. We were also told that we had been given extra on the salad to compensate for the lateness. Clearly, the restaurant is very good in doing business. ;-)

We love the relaxing dining environment here. We love the pizza which we actually found to be bigger size than we thought it would be. The portions, in our standard, are generous. We had to bring home one third of the pizza and half the calzone home in the end. Gosh, as I am typing I am reminiscing over the soft chewy and succulent and juicy margheritta pizza!

Napoli in Bocca
73 Dalhousie Street
Haberfield NSW
tel. +61 2 9798 4096