Thursday, March 31, 2005

Easter Chocolates Part 1:
Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs

Easter Bunnies Protecting Sacred Easter Eggs
♥ 3 Easter Bunnies protecting Sacred White Eggs
It's almost a week since Easter and you know what, I haven't the heart to go and chomp all the cute easter chocolates down. I mean, who would be cruel to devour such a cute looking bunnies looking at you with its glittering eyes?

.......*silence*.......*sweats*.......*bigger sweats*......

Er, alright! Alright! I admit I am the utterly cruel being who successfully captured one easter bunny and the egg it was trying to protect and chomped it down. Yes, just like that. Opened my mouth and chomp, chomp, chomp!

So you ask, where do these kawaii bunnies come from? hmm it's top secret! :p

No secret really. These cute bunnies who are protecting their Bunnyland's sacred egg came from Northside Produce Market I visited just a week before the Easter Weekend. Three bunnies and three eggs for A$10.

One Bunny
♥ One Easter Bunny
So here's a clearer view of the cute bunny. Somehow I have the urge to call it Buster. Not so sure why that is so.

One Bunny's Side
♥ Easter Bunny with cute pom-pom
And the bunny comes with cute ears and a cute bum, er, I mean tail.

The Three Bunnies
♥ The Three Bunnies Soldiers
On my mission to capture the easter bunnies and their sacred eggs, I came face to face with three (very cute) bunnies soldiers. They were all tensed up and ready for a bite or fight when I approached the hiding place of their sacred eggs.

Three Kawaii Bunny Bums
♥ Three Kawaii Bunny Bums
But I was quick and got around to their backs. Awwww, look at how cute their bum-bums are. Hey! I was not deceived by their cute looks and managed to capture them *yay* I was very tempted to order them to do a bunny-bum dance too.

Sacred White Easter Eggs
♥ The Three Sacred White Eggs
Alas, I had to fulfill my mission first - to find and bring back both the bunnies and the sacred eggs from bunnyland. So here, the beautiful sacred easter eggs. Comes with cute pink ribbons tied around it too!

What's Inside the Sacred White Egg
♥ Chowing down the Sacred Eggs
Mission accomplished and the horrible Pinkcocoa chomped down the sacred eggs which was supposed to give long life, and enjoyed the creamy liquored filling. Not sure what liquor it was though. I was too busily observing other easter eggs when I was at the Easter Eggs stall at the market.

Please kindly and patiently await the arrival of another two easter chocolate posts. :-)