Monday, April 04, 2005

Pinkcocoa's Foodblog is One!

I have been so busy these few weeks that I almost forgot my little foodblog baby is turning one on Saturday! It was on the 2nd of April, 2004 that Pinkcocoa first laid a tiny seed called pinkcocoa's foodblog to sprout and grow.

Happy Birthday to Pinkcocoa Tabetai!
♥ Happy Birthday to Pinkcocoa Tabetai!

And look at my little baby now. How it has grown. I am definitely looking at it through the eyes of a loving mother. :) Having moved from a smaller site (Pinkcocoa's Xanga) to where it is now, Pinkcocoa's foodblog has definitely grown.

If not for this baby, I would probably not have chanced upon so many good friends from all over the world who share a similar love and passion in food. All those wonderful comments and feedbacks from everyone of you out there are undoubtly a wonderful bliss that has helped my baby to slowly crystallise. I can say this foodblog have inherently brought me on a quick carpet ride to taste and see the world, from Japan through to Singapore to New York to Hawaii to Malaysia and to Sydney!

PinkcocoaTabetai is One!
♥ Pinkcocoa's mini birthday party plate

A short history on Pinkcocoa's Foodblog
I don't think I have ever mentioned how Pinkcocoa's foodblog came to sprout. It was a simple enough reason, really: just to have fun. It started around mid-March last year when I discovered a cute site about airlines food: I simply thought it was fun to submit an article or more so a food photo with descriptions of the food. So I did. I wrote a short article about my food on Virgin Blue, emailed it and it was published. Simple as that. In order for families and friends to see the article, I decided to post it up somewhere on Xanga where I had an account.

Initially the foodblog started out as merely a mini food diary that commemorates the food journal that ShinChan and I have started out, and for families and friends to turn green and be very envious about the food we have down under. The blog has taken off since then with many surprising visitors. This is much to my surprise. I would never have thought someone (yes, you, you and you!) whom I never have met in my life would visit my humble blog and read my feeble posts based upon my own personal muses.

I have also found I could be quite "long gas" (chang qi, long-winded) at times and I wonder how many of you would actually read every single words. But thanks everyone! If not for you all, my baby would not have grown and structured so well today!

*hugs to everyone*

Pinkcocoa Tabetai Birthday Party
♥ Pinkcocoa Tabetai is one year old!
To celebrate my baby's first ever birthday, I came up with a mini party plate made up of three cute mini desserts/sweets originated from countries that have always aspired Pinkcocoa in her food-fun adventure!

Clockwise from top: mini chocolate cupcake from the Western world of baking, dorayaki:
mini pancakes sandwiched with assorted fillings from Japan (yes I have a love for Japanese food), and last but not least, nyonya pineapple tart from South East Asia, the region where I grew up and shaped much of my culinary compassion.

♥ Happy First Birthday, Pinkcocoa Tabetai! ♥