Monday, September 12, 2005

Macchiato Cafe

Macchiato - Garlic Pizza Bread
♥ Garlic Pizza Bread
Our very dear Kendo Maniac aka the Crazy Guy gave us a huge surprise when he really put his words into action - "Pink, I might go back to Sydney next month." No, I didn't believe him at all for he is one who likes to joke with me. But it seemed like I should have believed him at least this once because he was really back!

It was a thursday night and everyone was rather tired after work so we decided to head down to Macchiato Cafe in the city - convenient enough for everyone to get to and to head home.

♥ tabeshimashita @ Macchiato Cafe on 1 Sep 2005
Macchiato - Smoked Salmon Entree
♥ Smoked Salmon Entree
Sitting at a slightly more private corner of the Cafe, we could not stop talking and talking and talking that we had to wave away the waiter many times. And it was probably for the 4th or 5th time that we really decided on what to order.

Ken: Let's order 2 entree, 2 mains and 2 pizza, seeing there are 7 of us.
Iver: No no no no. Everyone got to have a main!
Ken: We order and see first lar.

It turned out Iver was right. We didn't have enough to eat so we ordered the extra garlic pizza bread, a bowl of chips and a third pizza.

So to start, we had Smoked Salmon. It cost around A$15 I think or a little more. I couldn't remember the price exactly but what I do remember is that Macchiato Cafe is quite pricey, at least to my standard it is.

Macchiato - Lemon Pepper Chicken
♥ Lemon Pepper Chicken
For the carnivorous, we had entree sized lemon pepper chicken. I quite enjoyed the peppery lemony sauce.

Macchiato - French Fries
♥ French Fries A$5.50
Everyone was actually quite hungry well before we placed our orders so it was a good idea that we ordered a huge bowl of chips which came with a small jug of ketchup.

Macchiato - Seafood Platter for One
♥ Seafood Platter for One A$29.90
There was half a balmain bug (mostly shell, not much meat - according to Iver, who was feeling rather guilty about taking the biggest portion of the platter for himself but soon found out there was really only one small bite of meat inside) sitting right on top of the platter, around 3-4 prawns, one slice of fish, calamari and squid.

We didn't think the squid was hygienic enough. The two only person who had the squid - ShinChan had stomachache after dinner, and this other friend developed skin allergy on her face. The rest of us were safe because we didn't touch the squid.

Beside the seafood platter, we also had a prawn linguini to share across the table. No photo here though. It wasn't a really good idea to share linguini, especially seeing all the forks picking from the dish!

Macchiato - Supreme Pizza
♥ Supreme Pizza
We heard the pizza was good here so we ordered a few. First up, Iver ordered a supreme pizza without pineapple. *yay* I finally found someone who doesn't like pineapple on pizza like me!

Macchiato - Shanghai Pizza
♥ Shanghai Pizza
The most interesting pizza on the menu was probably shanghai pizza - pekingese duck with oyster mushroom.

Now two cute stories about Oyster Mushroom:
Story 1
Iver: what's oyster mushroom?
pinkcocoa: It's a type of probably..
Iver: But I have never seen it in Japan! It's not Japanese (Iver studies in Japan)
pinkcocoa: er...*sweat drops*...well it's a type of oriental mushroom...
Iver: ok!

Story 2
Zelda: Pinkcocoa, did you tasted the oyster in the pizza? I didnt see any.
Pinkcocoa: er, i dont think there is any. It is oyster mushroom and not oyster...
Zelda: Oh Oops. Hahahaha

Macchiato - Bombay Pizza
♥ Bombay Pizza
We ordered Bombay pizza half way through our meal because there wasn't enough for the 7 of us! The bombay pizza had tandoori chicken and served with cucumber raita and a slice of pampadams, beautifully arranged on top.

Dinner was great - mostly because of the the companions, I would say. I didn't actually notice much of the food because all of us had been talking talking and talking all this while. :-p

♥ Macchiato Cafe
338 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel. +61 2 9262 9525