Monday, September 05, 2005

Senses Restaurant - Thai & Malaysian Cuisine

Senses Restaurant - Fishhead Curry Bowl
♥ My Bowl of Fish Head Curry
I am a very lucky employer. Very very lucky, indeed. And why is that? It all began with a phonecall that my colleague received in the middle of a Friday morning when the sleepy bugs were attacking everyone.

*ring ring*
Colleague: Yes, big boss?
Colleague: (nodding her head) Oh. Oh. Oh. Ok. No problem.
Colleague: (turned to me, with a grin so broad on her face) Hey, free lunch today! Big boss is treating us! (turned to the others and repeated the same thing again)
Pinkcocoa: (excited and super eagar to find out what we were having for lunch) Where are we heading to? Is it yumcha?
Colleague: No no no! We are trying something new today - Thai Malaysian Cuisine!
Pinkcocoa: Woohooooooo~ *yay* but where?
Colleague: This, you will find out soon.

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♥ tabeshimashita @ Senses Restaurant, Chinatown on 02 Sep 2005
Senses Restaurant - Shopfront
♥ Senses Restaurant
Lunchtime arrived, and the whole big group of us started heading down to Chinatown area. As we approached Regal Chinese Restaurant, I thought we were having yumcha but no, we continued along Liverpool Street and turned left into a small streetscape, just behind Regal Chinese Restaurant.

We were heading to Senses Restaurant, a fairly new restaurant that specialised in Thai and Malaysian Cuisine. The owner is the colleague of tau keh niang (Hokkien meaning boss wife) and she had wanted us to try the place out thus the last minute lunch invitation.

Senses Restaurant - Spring Rolls
♥ 4 Spring Rolls a serve @ A$5.80
We had spring rolls for a start. I forgot to mention that I am to not give my own view on the food we had at the restaurant. Yes, you can call me "chicken" if you want to but I definitely do not want to offend my boss and his wife and the owner if they did happen to stumble upon my post!

Senses Restaurant - Curry Puff
♥ 2 Curry Puff a serve @ A$6.80
Then we had vegetarian curry puff.

Senses Restaurant - Curry Puff Inside
♥ Inside curry puff
The curry puff was filled with nicely flavoured potato, carrots and peas. Sorry no sighting of peas here but this is very typical of a curry puff.

Senses Restaurant - Thai Fishcakes
♥ 4 Thai Fishcakes a serve @ A$7.80
We also had Thai fishcakes for entree. Note the piece of lettuce in the photo, it was added a decorative touch by my other boss who was sitting next to me. My colleagues and my bosses seem to enjoy my food photography session very much. They were all helping me to add this and that to make the photo appears more attractive!

Senses Restaurant - Beef Rendang
♥ Beef Rendang @A$15.80
For mains, we had beef rendang (Malaysian dry beef curry) to which my colleage got all excited about. We also had lamb kurma (A$15.80) but no photo to show here. The only one I took was too blurry.

Senses Restaurant - Gado Gado
♥ Gado Gado
For those into veggies, there was a huge serving for Gado Gado (Indonesian Peanut Sauce Salad). The sauce was quite tangy and slightly spicy.

Senses Restaurant - Hainese Chicken
♥ 1 Whole Hainanese Chicken @ A$28.80
According to Tau Keh Niang, the restaurant has really good Hainanese Chicken and the best thing about it is that it is boneless, making it easier to eat. We also had a pot of chicken rice (A$8) to share across the table.

Senses Restaurant - Fishhead Curry
♥ Fishhead Curry @ Market Price
We pre-ordered the Chef's Special - Fishhead Curry when we booked the table. It came in a huge claypot and everyone was shocked to see the big size. Inside the fishhead curry are of course, the fishhead, lady finger's, tofu and some veggies. We paid around A$50 for this huge pot.

Senses Restaurant - Kangkong Belacan
♥ Kangkong Belacan
The last to arrive was kangkong belacan, one of my favourite Malaysian food.

Senses Restaurant - Kuih Dadar
♥ Kuih Dadar @ A$6.50
We could barely fit in dessert after the huge feast yet no meal is completed without desserts so we had kuih dadar, which is just Pandan flavoured pancake with coconut-palm sugar filling inside. It was served in a pool of palm sugar syrup and ice-cream. Note this is not the usual way we could eat this kuih!

Senses Restaurant - Black Sticky Rice Pudding
♥ Black Sticky Rice Pudding @ A$4.50
As if the sweet and rich kuih dadar wasn't enough, we also had black sticky rice pudding, luckily that was shared.

We walked out of the restaurant all with bulging belly. You would have thought we all have great energy to continue along the afternoon but the fact was we were so full that we were even more sleepy than before after such a big feast!

♥ Senses Restaurant
Shop 2, 6-12 Harbour Street (Corner of Liverpool and Dixon St)
Haymarket NSW
Tel: +61 2 9283 2988

Lunch Special @ A$10.50
Afternoon Tea Special @ A$7.50
Dinner Special @ A$12.50