Friday, August 05, 2005

Brunei Fresh Fruit & Veg Market - Kianggeh Tamu
Part I: Fruits

*yikes* Yes, I know. I know that I have not written a thing for two weeks now. What else could I say but a sincere apology *bow*

Trip back home to Brunei was extremely short. There were still so much I have yet to eat and drink and see! Once back in Sydney I was thrown straight at work. *yay* Pinkcocoa is now officially an OL (Office Lady). I am still trying to get used to working life. Tell me, people. How do you manage to work and blog at the same time? I am lacking the motivation to go sit in front of my computer after looking at one for the whole day.

So let me get used to working life and hopefully I shall be back to normal blogging soon. And sorry if I haven't visited for so long too. Meanwhile, I will just do some very short articles. Probably just lots of pics and very little writing. :-p

Brunei - Kianggeh Tamu - Local Lady
♥ Local Lady at the Market
It's been years since Mom and I visited the local market - Tamu Kianggeh. It was in fact my Brunei Food Project that prompted us to head to the local market early Friday morning - the only time Mom is free from work. We woke early in the morning to find it was raining! My heart sunk at fear of not being able to visit the market on the second last day of my Brunei Trip.

pinkcocoa: (sobbing) Oh noooo, the market must be closed on the rainy day! Nooooooooooo.
Mom: Aiya, please lar. This is Brunei lar. The Tamu is opened everyday be it rain or shine.
pinkcocoa: (brighten up) Oh really? Let's head to the market now. Yipppeeee.
pinkcocoa: Oh wait. But it's so early in the morning woh....
Mom: Aiya, Tamu is opened as early as 4-5am one. Some people go buy their veggies as early as 5am one. No need to worry lar.
pinkcocoa: yippeeee

♥ tabeshimashita @ Tamu Kianggeh, Brunei on 22 May 2005
Brunei - Kianggeh Tamu
Tamu Kianggeh
Kianggeh is simply a place name whereas Tamu stands for market. As the name suggested, the market is located in a little area called Kianggeh and right next to the Kianggeh river (see the front bit in the pic), which in turn is right next to the town centre of Brunei.

The Tamu has changed quite a bit since our visit and I remember there used to people trading on the boats or sampan on the river but there wasn't any when we arrived. Mom was just as surprised as I was.

Brunei - Kianggeh Tamu Stalls
Tamu Kianggeh Stalls
The colourful umbrellas and the neat floor stalls with a huge array of frest fruits and veggies on display are what made Tamu Kianggeh so attractive. Did I mention the Tamu is opened every single day, be it rain or shine?

It was raining so it was a little hard to do some photo snappings. Then again I have managed to snap quite a few though many of them are blur. *sigh* shaky hand!

Brunei - Kianggeh Tamu - Lemongrass and Pineapple
♥ Lemongrass, Melon and Pineapple
Most of the stalls displayed their fruits and veggies on a large piece of canvas on the ground. And the fruits and veggies have already been tied into a bunch or displayed as a bundle. Each bundle or bunch costs around S$1-2 which isn't too expensive though compatibly expensive when compared to Malaysia and Thailand.

I wish I could bring back that huge bunch of lemongrass back here. I think the whole bunch was selling for S$1. To think I am buying 3 tiny stalks at A$2 here.

Brunei - Kianggeh Tamu - Local Mango
♥ Local Mango
See what I mean by the fruits display into a bundle? One lot of 3 mangoes for S$1.

Brunei - Kianggeh Tamu - Banana
♥ Banana S$0.80/kg
There are many different varieties of banana. I can never tell the difference since I am not at all in banana unless it comes in the form of banana bread.

Brunei - Kianggeh Tamu - Coconuts
♥ Coconuts
How could I have missed out on coconuts?

Brunei - Kianggeh Tamu - Durian
♥ Durians
And not to mention about durian!

There are still a few picture of local fruits that I haven't managed to edit. The pictures were in fact quite blurry. I will see what I can do. And stay tuned for my next post on Brunei Fresh Fruit & Veg Market!