Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bitter Chocolate Kahlua Tart

Bitter Chocolate Kahlua Tart
♥ Bitter Chocolate Kahlua Tart
The thought of velvety creamy chocolate ganache along with the crumbly texture of buttery crust lingering on my tastebuds have been weighing on my mind for a long long time after spotting a bitter chocolate tart with Baileys in Good Living's Winter + Food - Favourite Hearty Recipes from Good Living.

The addition of liquer has certainly made this tart popular around the house. ShinChan's eyes shone so brightly on my suggestion in giving a try at making chocolate tart with Baileys. So there I was in the kitchen with my pre-made tart cases and the chocolate filling was so easy to put together.

♥ tabeshimashita @ place on date
Bitter Kahlua Chocolate Tart
♥ Bitter Chocolate Kahlua Tart
The original recipe had called for Baileys but I decided to substitute it with Kahlua last minute, seeing that we have some Kahlua to rid of. I had also made half a batch of the recipe which works just fine and the half batch fills 2 of my 12cm tart cases perfectly.

♥ Bitter Chocolate Kahlua Tart
based on Jill Dupleix's recipe from Good Living's Winter + Food
-fills a 20cm tart or 4 x 12cm smaller tart

300ml thickened or whipping cream
200g dark chocolate (I used Lindt 70% cocoa)
50g butter, chopped
2tbsp Kahlua*

  1. Finely chopped the chocolate and place in a heatproof bowl.
  2. Heat the cream in a heavy-based saucepan on low heat until just before boiling point.
  3. Slowly pour the cream over the chocolate. Leave for 1 minute, then mix well with a spatula, working from the centre outwards.
  4. Add butter and stir until smooth
  5. Stir in the liquer and pour into the tart case**. Leave in a level place to cool, then regrigerate for 3 hours before serving.

* Original recipe called for Baileys Irish Cream.
** Made the chocolate filling only after the tart cases are completely cool ie. after step 15 of the shortcrust recipe.

Bitter Kahlua Chocolate Tart Section
♥ Bitter but velvety smooth chocolate filling
The chocolate filling was rather bitter which is not surprising given the tart bears the name "bitter". I am just a little disappointed that the flavour of Kahlua didn't turn out too much at all. Nevertheless the chocolate filling was indeed velvety smooth, and very very thick and creamy - just the perfect dessert for someone who wants a chocolate dessert but loathe at the sweetness.

The filling has worked well with the shortcrust tart cases and I am quite happy. I am thinking maybe next time I could made a jaffa chocolate tart - easily done by adding bits of orange zest and either Grand Marnier or Cointreau! It's yum. by the way, the tart is great with ice-cream!