Friday, June 03, 2005

I want Iced Coffee with my Cookies!

Iced Coffee in my Cookie Monster Mug!
♥ I want Iced Coffee with my Cookies!
Mommy, I am all grown up now and I want iced coffee with my cookies and no milk please! (ps. iced chocolate do just as fine as long as it's not plain milk!) Oh and it has to be reduced fat too. No, thank you to full cream!

*blush* It's picky Pinkcocoa in action here. I was once an iced coffee addict and it was always always skim iced coffee, please at the cafe. These days, I seem to have died down from my caffeine binge and once in a while I would have a craving for iced coffee.

♥ tabeshimashita @ pinkcocoa's kitchen on some time in May 2005
Farmers Union Iced Coffee
♥ Farmers Union Iced Coffee
And when I have an iced coffee craving, I would go to the supermarket and get myself a big 2 litre bottle of Farmers Union Iced Coffee. It is by far the best iced coffee I ever had in Australia. To me, it even beats the iced coffee served in cafe.

You couldn't really find Farmers Union Iced Coffee in Sydney about 6 to 7 years ago. It an South Australian brand. I would get any friends visting from Adelaide to bring me 2 to 3 2-litre bottles of iced coffee just because I have missed it for my morning caffeine fix so much. I was really picky and wouldn't get the supermarket iced coffee in Sydney even if my craving was really bad.

I haven't yet encountered any good iced coffee in Sydney yet. Maybe it's because I haven't been to places that serve great coffee. Then again, even at those places where they have great coffee, their iced coffee might not be as good. Perhaps I am just sceptical about the whole thing. I really hate it when they served iced coffee made of coffee syrup. Hated even more when they served iced mocha with coffee syrup and chocolate syrup!

Rich and Creamy Farmers Union Iced Coffee
♥ Rich and Creamy Farmers Union Iced Coffee
So why is this particular iced coffee so addictive? For one very important reason, it is reduced fat. Of course it's not at all about the calories. To a food lover who needs to keep in shape, calories and fat content are equally important to taste. The taste of this iced coffee, let me assure you, is just right. Not too sweet, not too bitter and the texture not watery at all. It really does taste like iced coffee made with real coffee and milk. It's rather rich and creamy every mouthful yet it's light at the same time.

I know there are many that are put off by the overly sweet, syrupy flavour of supermarket iced coffee but do try this out when you have the chance. I think it might convert your opinion about supermarket iced coffee. ShinChan is one good example! He would never ever have touched supermarket iced coffee until I forced him to try Farmers Union Iced Coffee.And these days, his eyes light up whenever we have Farmers Union Iced Coffee in the fridge!