Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Northside Produce Market - May

Northside Produce Market - May
♥ Pretty Autumny Northside Produce Market
*yay* It's once again the third saturday of the month and where would you find Pinkcocoa and ShinChan? Where else but the Northside Produce Market!

It's now May and autumn seems to be finally settling in Australia with streets are so beautiful with redish, orangy and yellowish trees. And look at the cute little baby in the pics, she's just so photogenic and I bet she's a natural model. She couldn't take her eyes off my camera!

♥ tabeshimashita @ Northside Produce Market on 21 May 2005
Northside Produce Market - Wagyu Beef
♥ A little taste of Wagyu Beef
As it's rather chilly, the man in the house seems to favour more of a meaty feast. ShinChan had a tiny taste of wagyu beef and exclaimed dreamily that this tiny little bite of beef was just oh-so-tender and oh-so-yummy and oh-so-more-ish and oh-can-we-buy-please. He was in a really dreamy state for a while until I had to drag him over to another stall. And no, we didn't buy any. It's still out of our budget. Maybe for special occasion...

Northside Produce Market - Tandoori Chicken on Grill
♥ Tandoori Chicken on Grill
The Indian stall was selling really yummy looking tandoori chicken wrap with crunchy lettuce and yummy minty yogurt.

Northside Produce Market - Eumundi Smoke House
♥ Eumundi Smoke House
We are loving the chorizo from Eumundi Smoke House - free of preservative and water. They were having special at the moment: 3 continental sausages @ A$12 (or A$4ea). We love their spanish chorizo and hot salami.

Northside Produce Market - Banana Flowers
♥ Banana Flowers
We saw this massive banana flower at the banana stall. The owner explained that you could cook the banana flower - the bit inside the large pointy petals at the bottom. Sorry for the bad description here. How would you describe the large pointy bit at the bottom? Let's not worry about the proper term. I am hoping you guys understand what I was saying. Have any of you tried eating banana flower? I wonder how it would taste like.

Northside Produce Market - Rosy Glow Apple
♥ Rosy Glow Apple at Roche Bros Orchard
And yes we saw something new this time too - Rosy Glow Apple. It is quite tarty and very crunchy. I just love how Roche Bros decorates their stall at the market. The autumn leaves are just gorgeous and so attractive.

Northside Produce Market - Parker's Coconut Juice
♥ Parker's Coconut Drink
When we walked into the market, we saw a couple of people holding these cute little coconut in their hands and I thought we were back in Asia! The coconut drinks were from Parker's Organic Juices. They also have a new range of sparkling juices (see top right corner)!

Northside Produce Market - Fruit Soda
♥ Fruit Soda
And once again, we discovered something new at the market. It's Fruit Soda, fruit cordial made from whole Australian fruits and are preservative-free with no artificial colour and flavour. And oh! Check out the cute guy selling Fruit Soda ;-)

Northside Produce Market - Fruit Soda Flavours
♥ Fruit Soda Cordials
There are 6 interesting flavours including blood orange & cardamon and available in 1.5L bottle or if you want them all, buy the small bottles. We particularly like the pineapple & star anise. We were told these fruit sodas are wonderful in wine spritzer. Unfortunately, they didnt have pineapple & star anise in the small bottle so we made do with Just Mango. The calories and sugar content is much lower than real fruit juices and soft drinks too so now I can have cordial without much guilt. *yum*

Northside Produce Market
Every 3rd Saturday of the Month at:
200 Miller Street
North Sydney NSW 2060
ph. 02 9922 2299