Friday, May 13, 2005

Pyrmont Growers Market - May

I don't know about you but I am seriously boring myself to death with my many Easter Show post for the past 3 weeks. (C'on Pinkcocoa, it's only one more post to go!) So I thought I will write something different today.

As you can probably tell by now, beside being a dangerous chocoholic, I have also developed a craze for markets, not just any markets but Farmer's Market! Yes, I have once again visited the monthly Farmer's Market at Pyrmont this month.

Pyrmont Growers Market - Guitar Duo
♥ Guitar Duo
One of the best thing about market is the lively and cheerful atmosphere. Everyone seem to be happy (how can you not with all the food samples? :-D) and I do think we have the musicians to thank for the vibrant ambient.

One other thing about farmer's market is that I seem to bump into something new each month. I would have thought that the market would sell the same thing every month but looks like I was wrong!

♥ tabeshimashita @ Pyrmont Growers Market on 07 May 2005
Potatoes Potatoes Potatoes!
♥ Potatoes Potatoes Potatoes!
Aussies seem to have a soft spot for spuds! Look at the happy crowd buying potatoes there and look at the many different types of potatoes. I can't believe there are just so many different types of potatoes, each for a different cooking purpose! Drawing out from my faint memory, I think there are at least 8 to 10 types including King Edward, Kipler, Pink Eye and Sebago, and many others that I couldn't remember the name.

Gilles Bonin Organic Garlic
♥ Gilles Bonin Organic Garlic
Besides the chance to grab super fresh fruits (we love apples and plums), I was in fact looking for Gilles Bonin's Organic Garlic. I was late last month and the garlic was all sold out! Here you see Gilles Bonin and her lovely daughter with their beautiful braid of garlics - A$14 for small and A$20 for large. There was also leeks and russian garlics there.

I bought a small braid of garlic. The large braid was sold out long before I got to the market. Did I mention that you can keep these garlic until September? And you ask why? Apart from the fact that these garlics are organic, the garlics are also grown and breed in Australia (Braidwood to be exact) and have not gone through the process of freezing (for storage) and bleaching, like those you found in supermarket which are mainly imported from China.

I didn't know there's season for garlic too. In Australia, it's between March and June. So if you are really into garlic, make sure you grab a braid of these aromatic garlic next month because June will be the last time you see these garlics on sale at the market. Else you would have to wait until next March!

Fresh off the brunches Persimmons
♥ Fresh off the brunches Persimmons
One of my favourite fruit is in season now. *yay* The persimmons we tried here were very sweet and juicy. It's A$5 for a pack which weighs around 1kg.

Yellowy Quinces and Orangy Promegranate
♥ Yellowy Quinces and Orangy Promegranate
There was also fresh quinces and quince paste. And another one of my favourite fruit - promegranate! I didn't buy this though. I still find it a little pricey at A$3 for a small one and A$5 for a large one (as seen in pic).

 Bega Dried Orange
♥ Bega Dried Orange
We are totally in love with Bega Dried Fruits and they seem to have a new range of product each time we visited the market. This month, the new product is dried orange. Unfortunately, there was no sample of the dried orange so we didn't know what it was like. Oh see the new more sophisticated package Bega Dried Fruits is now using?

Hot Apple Juice
♥ Hot Apple Juice
The orchard store that we usually buy our super crunchy, sweet and juicy apple from is having a new product this month - hot apple juice! Apparently, the stall got this idea from their neighbour stall who suggested they try making hot apple juice with some ginger, lemon peel and cinnamon. The juice (A$1 per cup) was lovely and gave us an instant morning call and boost. I was fully awake by the time I finished the cup of apple juice.

Murray River Pink Salt
♥ Murray River Pink Salt
I was basically shrieking when I saw this - Murray River Pink Salt! It's pink! It's really pink. Ohhhhh as a pinkish girl, how could I not shriek excitedly at the sight of salt that's pink in colour! The salt is quite mild and not overly salty. I heard it's really yummy when you dip your bread in olive oil then proceed to dip it in pink salt.

The salt is really Pink!
♥ The salt is really Pink!
Here's a close up of the beautiful pink salt just in case you can't tell that it's really pink. Do you know by buying this pink salt, you actually help out the salinity problem at the Murray River? I love the thought of buying something so cute and so pinkish and at the same time helping the environment. It truly is killing two birds with one stone. :-D

Pyrmont Growers Market
7am - 11am
every first saturday of the month (except January)
Pyrmont Bay Park opposite Star Casino