Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sydney Royal Easter Show Part II - Yummy Little Eats

I am truly sorry for the lack of post lately. I have been so intensely occupied with the preparation of jobsearches that I found I lack the energy to even get excited by food these days! *yikes* I am even getting really lazy to snap pics of the food I am eating. Yes, I have already missed a good chance to blog about Nagasaki Honey Cake. We finished the whole big loaf without even raising a tiny thought of taking a snapshot of the cake.

And to those other wonderful foodblogs out there, I am really sorry I haven't visited for so long! Gosh, I must have missed quite a number of yummilicious post. Perhaps I should just subscribe to a rss feed to keep myself updated with the foodblogging community.

SydneyRoyalEasterShow - Balloons
♥ Cute ballons at the Easter Show
Okie, let's get back to the sole purpose of this pos: I am posting up second batch of my Sydney Royal Easter Show pics. We had a couple of street-side yummies. :-) So read on to find more yummy pics!

♥ tabeshimashita @ Sydney Royal Easter Show on Easter Sunday 2005
The Original Apple Press
♥ The Original Apple Press
After the giant rainbow slurpee at the Kids Carnival, we didn't think the slurpee did the job of quincing our thirst so we were truly delighted to spot this very farmhouse-style foodstall offerring fresh apple juice!

Apples Apples Apples
♥ Apples Apples Apples!
On the counter were the different variety of apples in season. Which is your favourite? I love granny smith for the tanginess and crunchy texture! And I have only discovered granny smith is in fact an Australian apple!

♥ Novelty Apple Peeler
Further along the counter, we spotted this cute little novelty. We have forgotten to ask the staff about this cute novelty but from the look of if, I think this is an apple peeler.

Jumbo Cold Pressed Apple Juice
♥ Jumbo Cold Pressed Apple Juice A$4.50
We ordered a jumbo apple juice to share. The juice is sweet on sipping with a tangy after-taste, just the perfectly refreshment under the hot midday sun.

♥ The Giant Strawberry
A cute (or should I say, a tad disturbing looking?) giant strawberry sitting on top of a strawberry stall selling anything strawberry. We didn't have any because it was too expensive. Imagine a stick of 4-5 strawberries for A$6.50!

Hot Corn Man
♥ Scare Crow and Hot Corn
There were many other snacks and little eats on the showground, most of which are good in your mouth but do bad to your waistline. I guess the corn cobs are a reasonable choice as opposed to the oily fries.

SydneyRoyalEasterShow - Hot Corn
♥ Hot Corn Cobs A$3.50
The hot corn cobs was smeared with butter and sprinkled with tiny bits of salt, pepper and chili powder. It was sweet and the butter enhances the creaminess.

Cheese on a Stick
♥ Cheese on a Stick
Is it the nature in human or was it me that after eating something deemed healthy, I would go for something not so healthy. That's why you see me lining up at the "Cheese on a Stick" stall.

Cheese on a Stick is a large chunk of cheese treaded on a bamboo skewer, dipped into creamy batter and then deep fried. The stall here also offered refreshing lemonade and hot dog (or what other stalls called dagwood dog)

Dagwood Dog
♥ Dagwood Dog
We were not after something cheesy actually. I bought the hot dog. Perhaps it's just a carnival-related thing that I feel I have not been to the show unless I had a dagwood dog and I love it when the dagwood dog is drenched in lots and lots of tomato sauce!

Dagwood Dog Bite
♥ A bite of Dagwood dog
Yummy hotdog (no, please do not try and remind me of the unidentified ingredients used in the making of hotdog....*horrified*) with a crunchy crust. While tomato sauce is wonderful, I bet it would taste even better with Maggi Chili Sauce.

Michealangelo Gelato Bar
♥ Gelato Trio at Michealangelo Gelato Bar A$5.50
As a gelato franatic, I got really hysterical when this gelato bar came into sight. We had the three award winning flavours - chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla. The gelato was smooth and creamy. We love the chocolate and hazelnut. Vanilla just did a so-so for us.

Shane St James Hyno Show
♥ Shane St James Hyno Show
With a tummyful of food and starting to get a little tired walking under the sun, we headed to the amphitheatre for some good shows. The Shane St James Hynosis show was one of the best. It was hilarious for the audiences but a tad emabarrasing for the participants!

Here you see a man hynotised as Superman and was trying to save a trouble looking young lady (who turned out to be the man's daughter).

Phew~ That's quite a lot of photos here. Next up will be our even more yummilicious adventure at the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome!

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