Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sydney Royal Easter Show Part I
Kids Carnival

Sydney Royal Easter Show
♥ Sydney Royal Easter Show
So we made it to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Yes, we were brave enough to face the crowd. And yes, we squeezed past rows of loud teenagers. And yes, we had to look out for little kiddies on the run. Oh and yes, we had a good smell of, er, animal odours too. *scratch head* It was annoying really but we did have a good time there.

We didn't visit too many areas at the Show this year. We thought it might be too tiring. Mind you, we can feel the tiredness in our bones the moment we saw the crowd at the entrance! We headed first to the Kids Carnival area. There's something I wanted to see so badly that I started to do *oink oink* in my sleep!

♥ tabeshimashita @ Sydney Royal Easter Show on Easter Sunday 2005
Movenpick Ice Cream
♥ Movenpick Ice Cream
After a short walk from the entrance, I got really excited when I saw Movenpick Ice Cream! *wow* I have never really seen it in Australia until now. But aiks, too early for ice-cream. It was only 10am. *sigh*

Oh well, let's move on and check out some of the games or shows before we went hunting for food.

Fishing Show
♥ Fishing Show
We noticed this interesting water tank while still a fair bit away from it. Turned out it was indeed a fishing show. The gentlemen standing up on the tank (or was it a boat?) was showing people how to lure and successfully capture a fish with a rubber frog which looked so real in the water. Hmm. Very interesting.

Merry Go Round
♥ Merry Go Round
What will a kids carnival be without the good old Merry Go Round!?

Pick a Duck
♥ Pick/Fish a Duck
Love this game! The yellow rubber duckies just look so adorable. :)

SydneyRoyalEasterShow - Hit Me!
♥ Hit Me!
Can't remember how this game works. I only remember it was about aim and hit.

SydneyRoyalEasterShow - Climb The Ladder
♥ Climb the Ladder
Probably one of the hardest game at the show. All you have to do is climb from the bottom of the ladder to the top to win. Sounds easy? It's so hard to balance on the ladder especially the heavier you are, the harder it is to balance on the ladder.

The Giant Swing
♥ The Giant Swing
I think this is called the Giant Swing, one of my favourite rides at carnivals when I was little.

Pig Racing & Diving Pig
♥ Pig Racing & Diving Pig
*oink oink* This was the main reason that lured me to the Easter Show! It was a shame that we missed out on this last year.

Miss Piggy
♥ The Diving Pig After Diving
We only managed to snap up this shot of the pig. Everything happened so fast and this year, the diving pig only dived once! Last year, she dived twice. Awww, a little disappointed.

It was hot and we decided to hunt around the kids carnival area for some refreshment.

La Cremeria - Premier European Ice Cream
♥ La Cremeria - Premier European Ice Cream
There seemed to be quite a few newcomers from the ice-cream industry this year. We didn't try this particular ice-cream though since we wanted something solid in our tummy first.

Flame Grilled Burger
♥ Flame Grilled Burger
Good old fashioned burger with milkshake or thickshake are everyone's favourite!

Twisted Fries
♥ Twisted Fries
And we didn't forget about the fries. And this were no ordinary fries but twisted fries! I tried this last year but wasn't really impressed with it. The appearance reminded me of curly fries from A&W but the texture was totally different.

Fairy Floss
♥ Fairy Floss
How could we have missed fairy floss!

♥ ToffeeApple
And toffee apple!

Lollies & Refreshment
♥ Lollies & Refreshment
Uh-huh! Here we go. Found the perfect refreshment we wanted - slurpee!

Lollies & FairyFloss
♥ Lollies & Fairy Floss Tub
On the counter were colourful lollies and very colourful fairy floss in a tub.

Giant Rainbow Slurpee Sign
♥ Giant Rainbow Slurpee Sign
We spotted this sigh at the far right of the counter.

Giant Rainbow Slurpee
♥ Giant Rainbow Slurpee
And decided to get one of these. You need to work really quickly to finish it off else you would get a big pool of mixed flavour. *yikes*

We left the kids carnival area soon after the piggy show and gulping down that giant rainbow slurpee. There were too many kids around for us to avoid, er, I mean handle, er, I mean..ah well! You know what I mean!

Next up will be more pics of us wandering around the show in search for more food!

Sydney Royal Easter Show
Sydney Showground
Sydney Olympic Park