Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sydney Royal Easter Show Part III - Fresh Food Heaven!

I am almost getting there with my Easter Show post, this being the second last post. I can imagine you must have been getting bored by now with my easter related post especially since Easter was so long ago! Yeah, I know I know. I have always been really late with updating my food adventure. To think I still have lots of other places to write about. Gomene, minna-san~ m(_ _)m

We headed straight to Woolworths Fresh Food Dome right after the magic show and the hilarious hypnosis show. This was in fact our second reason for visiting the Easter show (after the Racing Pig & Flying Pig). The sole purpose visiting the Fresh Food Dome was to eat-til-we-drop with all the diverse range of delicious snacks for sampling! *yay*

Fruit Cake
♥ Fruit Cake
We, er, ended up in the Pavillion instead of the Fresh Food Dome. Now this tells you a little bit about our poor map reading skill. *Oops* Anyhow, we were going to check out all the arts & craft section first but our rumbling tummy decided other wise.

So go on and check out all the yummy food samples we had there. The photos shown are just part of the samples we managed to fit into our tummy. We did have many more other samples but the photos didn't turn out well. They were blurry because I decided not to use any flash which was a really bad idea.

♥ tabeshimashita @ Sydney Royal Easter Show on Easter Sunday 2005
♥ Fresh Oyster
We entered the Fresh Food Dome via the Pavillion and we were greeted by trays and trays of fresh oyster from De Costi Seafood! No samples here though. You gotta dish out your money to taste how fresh the oysters were.

SydneyRoyalEasterShow - Chocolate Fruits
♥ Fruity Chocolates
I couldn't quite remember which brand of chocolate this sample was from. There I had white chocolate raspberry (bottom left), white chocolate strawberry (bottom right) and a milk chocolate coffee bean. The fruits in the chocolate were dried fruits that tasted rather airy and crunchy at a point, especially the strawberry. I am not so much of a white chocolate fan but I was surprised by the texture and flavour of the white chocolate. It was not overly sweet and sugary. The milky-white creaminess of the chocolate compliments the tangy dried fruits very well.

Cheese Tasting
♥ Cheese Tasting
I can't remember what sort of cheese these were. I think that was a camembert in the middle but then again I am not sure. My knowledge to cheese only extended to tasty, cheddar and mozzerella. :-P

SydneyRoyalEasterShow - Jam Lady
♥ Cute Jam Lady
A cute and sweet jam lady from the Southern Highland (I think?) trying to promote her range of yummy jams and chutneys! I actually took a close up of her jam products without first asking her. My rather rude action was questioned of course so I had to go all the way to explain what I was going to do with the picture and not trying to steal their ideas.

SydneyRoyalEasterShow - My Little CupCake
♥ My Little Cupcake
Here's the cute and pretty My Little Cupcake that Gwenda had mentioned to me before I went to the Easter Show. These pretty cupcakes were also seen at my Spring Picnic 2004 post! The cupcakes were pretty and glamorous as always. I just love the ceramics the shop uses.

Soya King Snacks
♥ Soya King Snacks
The oh-so-more-ish and oh-so-much-healthier-than-chips Soya King Snacks stall is always crowded with people trying to grab more samples. We had a little bit of each flavours (original, sour cream and chives, taco) but did find the flavour a little too powering and a tad too salty for us. I love how crunchy it is though.

SydneyRoyalEasterShow - Natural Ice Cream
♥ Irrewarra Natural Ice Cream
ShinChan loves Irrewarra Natural Ice Cream! He gotta have one of these super smooth and creamy ice cream each time he visited the Easter Show. His favourites include blackberry and blueberry. He had a scoop of blackberry this time round. No pics of the single scoop super rich & creamy ice-cream this time. The one and only pic was blurry. *sorry*

We did had a few more other food samples.Some examples include Bega Dried Fruit (they have a whole new image!), Parker's Organic Juice, Nudie Juice, Ajitas Vege Chips. Just to name a few. :-)

Next up will be my final Easter Show post. I promise it will be short and sweet.

Sydney Royal Easter Show
Sydney Showground
Sydney Olympic Park

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