Friday, May 20, 2005

SHF#8 - Lemony French Toast

Lemony French Toast
♥ Lemony French Toast
I still had some lemon syrup leftover from the old-fashioned lemon tea cake I made earlier this morning. Originally I intended to use the left-over lemon syrup to make a cuppa hot lemon tea for the cold winter morning. But the idea was quickly scrapped after seeing a few slices of stale bread sitting on the kitchen bench and I thought what's better than a hot yummy french toasts drizzled with the thick lemony syrup on a cold winter morning! Oh this makes for a bonus entry for SHF#8 - Pucker up with Citrus too! hehe

♥ tabeshimashita @ pinkcocoa's kitchen on 20 May 2005
French Toast drenched in yummy lemon syrup
♥ French Toast drenched in tangy lemony syrup
French toasts are just so easy! My first memory of french toast was that of my dad, who seldom cook (I've been told he was a good cook), went into the kitchen straight after watching this Japanese cartoon where there was a robot cooking french toasts for the kids. It looked easy enough in the cartoon and I think we little ones must have mentioned that we wanted to eat french toasts too. So dad walked into the kitchen and started making french toasts for us! Dad said the french toast was sup sup shui (Cantonese meaning easy as a piece of cake or no big deal) but er hm, seriously I started to doubt if dad was a really good cook when we were served some overly brown french toasts!

For every 2 slice of toast, I whisk 1 egg with some milk. Basically I employ the agak-agak (estimation) method and add however much milk to my fancy. I have also added a teaspoon of sugar which is optional. The toasts are then dipped into the egg mixture so it's fully coated with the egg mixture. Heat up a dollop of butter in a frypan. Once butter has melted and started to turn bubblery, add the toasts. Fry both side until brown. Serve with a dollop of butter and honey or maple syrup. I simply substituted the honey or maple syrup with my leftover lemon syrup. I had also sprinkled some cinnomon powder onto the toast. I reckon cinnamon sugar would be a much better complement to the citrus syrup.

Buttery Lemony French Toast
♥ Buttery Lemony French Toast
Our breakfast this morning was absolutely yummy. The tangy zesty goodness of the lemon syrup gave us an instant boost. It must be the cinnamon in the syrup along with the zestful flavour helps to revitalise our still-half-asleep body. What better way to start my day with something so sinfully delicious!