Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Floating Glass Island Wedding

Flowers at Wedding Reception
♥ Beautiful Flowers on our table
We have been waiting for this special day to come for so long and I didn't think any of us could have waited any longer. It's been 7 agonising years and finally the day has come for us to attend a lovely wedding, Sydney-style, on a floating island that brought us around for a night harbour cruise!

ShinChan's best friend finally wedded his very pretty fiancee of 7 years. Many of us were amused at how long the pair had been engaged for so long and were we glad that we all lived to see this special day. Er, okie. I just realised that wasn't a very nice sentence to say, was it? Anyhow, what I mean was we were all happy for the lovebirds.

♥ tabeshimashita @ The Pontoon on 06 May 2005
Pontoon - Flower Girl & Boy
♥ Cute Flower Girl and Handsome Ring Boy
Just before I go on and write about the food we ate at the reception, I couldn't resist the temptation at all to show you this very kawaii (Japanese meaning cute) picture of the flower girl and the ring boy! The little kids were getting a little bored and fed-up after the wedding ceremony by the harbour side at the Botanical Garden. We had to try so hard to get the two to sit and pose for a nice photo shot. There were probably around 10 or more adults running around (or more like chasing) and shouting to try to get them in actions.

Now back to the main topic, the wedding reception was held on The Pontoon, which is in fact a water vessel with glass all over so we could enjoy panoramic view of Harbour Sydney. And of course, how could we not have an exclusive cruise of Sydney Harbour while on board! The vessel was decorated so very romantic with white and pink flowers all around and not to forget the candles that add extra ambience. I don't have photos of the vessel nor do I have interior shots but if you are interested, check out The Pontoon's photo gallery. The reception was just as similar as that in the photos there.

Wedding Reception at the Pontoon - Pre-dinner Drinks
♥ Pre-dinner Drinks
Most of us were already rather dizzy and probably a little nauseous before we even got through the first round of pre-dinner drinks. Not because we had a bit to drink before boarding the cruise but because it was a very windy night!

Wedding Reception at The Pontoon - Chicken Satay
♥ Chicken Satay and White Wine
We were served quite a few canapies. The chicken satay was pretty good, I heard. No comment from me since I didn't have this. I was basically grabbing any person coming my way with food in their hands so I could snap up some foodie shots. And how come I didn't have any of the canapy myself? I was too nauseous to eat anything. >.<

Wedding Reception at The Pontoon - Mini Meat Pie
♥ Canapy of Mini Meat Pie
Beside chicken satay, there were also tiny bite-size meat pies. Ohh this is so very Australian!

Wedding Reception at the Pontoon - Seafood Platter
♥ Seafood Platter
We were served a table buffet - dishes brought onto table and shaved by everyone on the table instead of one dish per person. The first dish was a seafood platter of smoked salmon, sydney rock oyster and king prawns served on a bed of salt. The seafood was pretty fresh but this plate wasn't touched much at all since everyone was starting to get under the effect of seasick.

Wedding Reception at the Pontoon - Ceasar Salad
♥ Ceasar Salad with cos lettuce, poached egg, bacon, croutons & anchovy dressing
However, the ceasar salad was much liked and the table cleared the salad in just a short while. I think everyone was hungry but the seafood was little too much and rich for our slighly-off appetite.

Wedding Reception at the Pontoon - Steak & Onion
♥ Roasted pepper beef fillet with caramelised onions & red wine jus
I didn't have this dish. Sorry for sounding picky here but the beefy taste proved a little too strong for me. Even the onions were strongly flavoured by the beef jus! Unfortunately, the beef wasn't all too tender. ShinChan had a hard time chewing.

Wedding Reception at the Pontoon - Eggplant & Zucchini
♥ Medleys of Mediterranean Vegetables
Okie, not all veggies were well received here. While the salad was cleared, this particular veggie dish was hardly touched at all. I think the appetite was finally coming back for everyone so instead the beef was much loved instead.

Wedding Reception at the Pontoon - Pasta
♥ Warm Pasta Salad
I missed out on this dish so I am not sure how it tasted like. In fact, I missed out on quite a number of dishes because it seemed that I was always walking around and doing something. The reception was really a very casual occasion. It was more like a slightly formal (everyone all dressed up) party so it was not strange at all to see many people walk around while the dishes were being served.

Wedding Reception at the Pontoon - Tandoori Chicken & Papadamus
♥ Tandoori Chicken served on Saffron rice with Cucumber riatta & pappadams
This was the most loved dish on our table for the night. Everyone was fighting for the pappadams. I love the minty cucumber riatta. *yum*

Wedding Reception at the Pontoon - Wedding Cake
♥ Wedding Cake!!
Of course, how could I have missed out on the most important element of a wedding reception, the wedding cake. Not a tiny-teeny chance. This beautiful three-tier centrepiece came from the crafted hands of pastry chefs at La Renaissance Patisserie.

Wedding Reception at The Pontoon - Renaissance La Patisserie Cakes
♥ Wedding Cakes Couplet
For desserts, we were served the wedding cakes - tiramisu (left) and chocolate mousse cake (right).
According to wedding tradition, the two cakes on the bottom were served to guests while the cake on top (usually a fruit cake) is for the bride and groom to keep. The two pieces of cake look to me like the newly wedded couple standing by each other.

Wedding Reception at the Pontoon - Fruit & Cheese Platter
♥ Fruit and Cheese Platter
There was also a fruit and cheese platter, served with crackers (not shown in pics). I heard the cheese was yummy. I didn't have any cheese though. I was pretty much stuffing myself with the cakes, especially the chocolate one! :-D

The night was a very fun, casual and memorable night with the groom doing an old-skool hip-hop performance on the dance floor and some very hilarious moments from guest speakers. How did we end the night? Ever heard of nao dong fang - (the act of pestering and not letting the newly weds rest or have a moment to themselves in their suite on their first night together! Yes, we were one evil bunch. :p

♥ ♥ May you bathe in the river of love, H & E!! ♥ ♥ *cheerssss*