Monday, June 27, 2005

Daan Tart - A Failure!

Daan Tart - Failure!
♥ Daan Tart - A Failure!
I know I have just missed out on IMBB#16 - Eggs. I actually got my hands on early for this month's IMBB. The first thing that came to my mind when the theme - eggs was announced, was the crispy flaky Hong Kong-style Yum cha daan tart (egg custard tart).

I had followed a recipe from Leisure Cat but I found the instructions weren't clear enough so I decided to just fool around in the kitchen with the recipe. Unfortunately, the pastry turned out very dry and hard. I must have done something wrong in the folding and rolling out steps so the pastry was not flaky and puffy at all. *sigh* And also it might be because I didn't use lard as I was supposed to. I used ghee.

On the other hand, the egg custard filling was very soft and tender, and tasted just like the one you would get at yum cha. I love the filling but feel really bad about the pastry. I think I will have to experiment a little bit more before I can get to an acceptable level. >.<

Don't worry, pinkcocoa strives to improve!