Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pyrmont Growers Market - June

Oh dear, it was definitely one of the coldest morning in Sydney the first saturday in June. It was so hard to bid farewell to our tender pillows, hearty quilts and we just want to stay snug up in the bed! Alas, we managed to drag ourselves away from the soft and tender bed, and we were off to the monthly growers' market in Pyrmont! *yay*

Pyrmont Growers Market - The Sun is Out!
♥ The Sun is Out!
As we were driving towards the city, we noticed the city including the harbour bridge and the Sydney Tower were totally out of side. The whole city had been covered up by a very thick fog, so thick that we felt like were in London! Luckily, by the time we reached the market at around 8-ish, the sun was finally out!

♥ tabeshimashita @ Pyrmont Growers' Market on 4 June 2005
Pyrmont Growers Market - Organic Lemongrass
♥ Organic Lemongrass
Here's a stall that I have to mention. I bought some lemongrass (A$2 for a bunch of 3) from a stall that sells lime marmalade a few months ago. I am sorry I actually didn't remember the name except that it is a stall that sells citris stuff like lime marmalade, kaffir lime leaves, fresh kaffir limes and fresh limes. So I bought some of their lemongrass a few months ago. At A$2 for a bunch of 3 organic lemongrass, I though it was quite a bargain. The lemongrass was very tender, hardly needing to remove the outer layers as you would normally do. And very aromatic too though not on smelling but after you pound or chop it.

I was at the market last month and noticed the stall did not have any lemongrass anymore so I took up the courage to ask the gentleman behind the stall about it. He said it was actually a side product of their farm and did not sell as good so they decided not to bring them over to sell. I mentioned that I really love their lemongrass and pity that they didn't have any. But this month at the market, I am just overly delighted to see the lemongrass are back again! And oh my, the gentleman actually remember me. I am so touched that he brought the lemongrass just for me :-)

To be honest, both ShinChan and I thought the gentleman was a little scary ie. not as friendly and vibrant. And I was standing there deciding whether to buy just one bunch or two. I decided to just buy a bunch and the gentleman was sort of staring at us with that "are you sure you just want to buy one bunch" look on his face. It was a little scary to us and a little awkward. In the end, I decided to buy 2 bunches. And guess what, I got the second bunch free! So yup, it was 2 bunches organic lemongrass for just A$2.

No photos of the actual stall though since we were quite scared of the gentleman at that time. However after the free lemongrass episode, we discovered the soft and friendly side of the gentleman! He is the Asian father type - love in the heart but never show on face or via mouth!

Okie, guys. Now it's back to the normal food pornography, er, I mean food pics.

Pyrmont Growers Market - Cowra Smokehouse's Smoke Salmon
♥ Cowra Smokehouse's Smoke Salmon
Cowra Smokehouse is one of our favourite stall at the market. Their smoke salmons are quite something with 4 different flavours. I can't remember all of them though. We had tried out their tomato based smoke salmon and it was delicious though a little salty. Yummy with sour cream. There is also a soy and honey flavour!

Pyrmont Growers Market - Cowra Smokehouse's Pate
♥ Cowra Smokehouse's Pate
And their pate are yummy too. From left: bacon and mushroom, smoke salmon, smoke trout. Our personal favourite is the bacon and mushroom. I found it hard to stop dipping my crackers in the pate.

Pyrmont Growers Market - Sapphire Potato
♥ Sapphire Potato
Isn't this potato so beautiful with its purplish colour. No wonder it has such beautiful name!

Pyrmont Growers Market - Pastabilities' Chicken with Leek and Tarragon Ravioli
♥ Pastabilities' Chicken with Leek and Tarragon Ravioli
It was such a cold morning and we longed for something hot. These shallow-fry ravioli samples from Pastabilities were just perfect!

Pyrmont Growers Market - A bite of Pastabilities' Chicken with Leek and Tarragon Ravioli
♥ A bite of Pastabilities' Chicken with Leek and Tarragon Ravioli
Crunchy, creamy and pipping hot, no wonder these ravioli sample are so popular at the market.

Pyrmont Growers Market - Mirrabooka Farm
♥ Mirrabooka Farm
Have I ever told you guys that we are the regular customers of Mirrabooka Farm ever since I bought some fresh figs from them at the Northside Produce Market? From left, persimmons, pink lady, granny smith, *not sure about this type of apple variety. Anyone?* and pear. These are sold in bags of 1.5kg at A$5 except for the persimmons which were $5 per kg bag.

We bought the pear and persimmon. Love the pear, sweet and crunchy. But the persimmons were quite bitter and tarty, leaving a weird aftertaste. Apparently the persimmons were not grown by Mirrabooka Farm. They were helping their neighbour to sell at the market.

Pyrmont Growers Market - Persimmons
♥ Lotsa Persimmons or Fuyu Fruit
I am just so excited by the sight of tonnes and tonnes of persimmons! It's my favourite winter fruits :)

Pyrmont Growers Market - Shepherd Bakehouse's Quiche Boat
♥ Shepherd Bakehouse's Quiche Boat
Sheperd Bakehouse has something new this month - Quiche Boat which just looked so cute! We actually saw them at the Northside Produce Market last month but these were sold out before I returned to try to snap a pic!

Pyrmont Growers Market - Mudgee Gourmet Hazelnuts
♥ Mudgee Gourmet Hazelnuts
New at the market this month was Mudgee Gourmet Hazelnuts.

Pyrmont Growers Market - Mudgee Gourmet Hazelnuts Barbeque
♥ Mudgee Gourmet Hazelnuts - Barbeque I think
We couldnt quite remember the flavour of the hazelnuts that we tried but it was definitely a savoury flavour. I didn't try the hazelnut, ShinChan did but he couldnt remember the flavour. If it was me, I would have tried out honey roasted flavour. ShinChan said the nut was fresh and very crunchy.

Pyrmont Growers Market - French Style Cultured Butter
♥ French Style Cultured Butter
Another new stall at the market this month is French Style Cultured Butter! The angmoh or gweilo really loves their butter. The stall was jam-packed with people. Can anyone tell me the holy goodness of french style cultured butter? Sorry, guys. I am just not a butter person - I hate butter on my sandwich and toast. >.<

Pyrmont Growers Market - French Style Cultured Butter Sample
♥ Salted French Style Cultured Butter on baguette
Since I am not a big fan of butter, ShinChan naturally became the official food sampler as I sent him on a mission to try out what's so good about cultured butter. He tried the salted butter but didn't feel much difference except that it is rather rich and creamy. Perhaps he should have tried the unsalted version.

The market is always full of surprise! I can't wait until the next market. :-)

Pyrmont Growers Market
7am - 11am
every first saturday of the month (except January)
Pyrmont Bay Park opposite Star Casino