Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Milky Way on My Toast
Chinese Dry Milk Custard Spread

pinkcocoa's milky way toast
I was tired of the usual spreads on my breakfast toasts: peanut butter, strawberry jam and even nutella! I would love to have kaya (coconut spread) but I am concerned about the high fat content and cholestrol level. Gotta watch my diet, you know.

And then I was craving so much of the Chinese dry milk custard (nai shu). I was dreaming all day about nai shu mian bao (dry milk custard bun) or even better qi shu nai shu mian bao (dry milk custard bun with a puff-pastry topping). I know I can get similar nai shu in ji wei bao (mandarin) or gai mei bao (cantonese. It is hong kong dry custard bun, it literary means the tail of a chook) but somehow I really miss the super thick toast with dry milk custard spread from Taiwan.

Darn. I should have bought a bottle of the nai shu spread the last time I visited Taiwan. But alas, lucky pinkcocoa. I found a recipe of nai shu spread in one of my cookbook!

nai shu: chinese dry custard spread
Ingredient A
80g icing sugar
1tsp salt (omit if using salted butter)
100g unsalted butter, softened at room temperature (I used low fat margerine)

Ingredient B
20g yolk (1 large egg: 55g)*
100g milk powder

To Make:
1. Mix ingredient A together until well combined.
2. Mix in the yolk and then followed by the milk powder
3. Store in fridge** and use like normal spread!

* Add more yolk if a more liquid consistency is desired.
** The spread will actually become quite solid and hard when stored in fridge. The spread will melt if spread on toast. If you want it on plain bread, simply bring the spread to room temperature and it should be spreadable.

nai shu: chinese dry milk custard spread
♥ milky way toast
oishii desu ne~
I have been in Heaven in the past whole week: I had nai shu toast every morning! I named this toast milky way toast. Oh, it has nothing to do with the milky way spread! I reckon mine is so much better. *grin*